Sean Markey

Fractional Director of SEO

Helps produce content that ranks well and is engaging

Helps builds links that move the needle (and shares them with you)

Creates an internal processes you can own

Helps you build an internal team

Are you tired of not knowing just what the fuck that agency you hired is up to?

When you hire a full-service agency, your goal is to pay them in return for high quality work that helps you grow your organic traffic over time–their goal is to do the work as cheaply as possible because that’s how they get their profit–on the arbitrage of what you’re paying vs. what the work costs to get done.

And choosing an agency is a big decision full of questions that keep you up at night, like:

  • which just-hired junior SEO are they handing my site off to?
  • are the links they’re building actually good, or just cheap?
  • will they understand our brand voice and write content to match?
  • what exactly am I getting in return for this monthly spend?

You can avoid this pain by hiring an experienced Director of SEO for $150k+ per year (plus benefits!), but there are a lot of reasons why this isn’t a solution available to all companies that might need it.

Here, then, is a solution that gives you the benefit of working with your own Director of SEO without the serious financial and contractual commitment:

Hire An Experience, Battle-Tested Fractional Director of SEO (that’s me)

When you work with me as your fractional Director of SEO, you know exactly who you’re working with, and exactly what work is being done. Here’s what you can expect:

I help find writers, train them to write optimized content that Google’s algo loves and that’s also engaging to the reader, as well as helps position you as an industry expert. 

I create a content-publishing process that includes SEO best practices as well as brand guidelines so we don’t write about anything off-topic, or mention things you legally can’t (if you’re in an industry scrutinized by the FDA, or similar regulatory bodies). 

After some in-depth keyword research I put together a content plan that’ll cover the topical authority needed to rank for your biggest/best keywords. 

You specify a link budget and I get the links built, sharing each link we’ve got as well as how much it costs. These links are built with no mark-up or anything, just the straight cost. 

We also focus on building an occasional “link bait” post that will hopefully earn links naturally that we don’t have to pay for.

Basically: you get someone (me) on your team and available to answer questions, give guidance, translate big algorithm updates, proactively bring up things that need to be addressed, and more.

Agencies may still have their place at your company (and some companies may actually just need a really good agency–this pitch isn’t for them, obviously), I can also work with your C-suite to make sure your agencies are doing good work and help keeps things on track.

“Sean is one of the few people I keep in touch with privately about all things SEO. There aren’t as many people obsessed about staying on top of what’s working as him.”

– Glen Allsopp,

I’ve worked with Sean for over seven years, and his knowledge of SEO is top-notch. He brings a refreshing creative energy to his work, and understands how produce content that ranks better than almost anyone I know.

– Travis Jamison,

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