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Founder / Smash Digital

Travis Jamison

loquaciously “I’ve worked with Sean Markey for over four years, and his knowledge of SEO is top-notch. He brings a refreshing creative energy to his work, and understands how to research, structure, and write content that ranks. He’s also just a cool guy to talk to. If you’re looking for someone to help with your site’s content strategy, I highly recommend you reach out to Sean.”

Founder / SabaiDee

Alon Shabo

“After interviewing over a dozen SEO consultants, hiring Sean Markey to lead our SEO and content strategy was a no-brainer.
The recommendations are actionable and clear, and Sean is incredibly transparent in his communication. Within a few short months, we are already ranking for the keywords we targeted, and seeing an ROI on our investment. Sean has been incredibly knowledgable and helpful, not just as an SEO consultant, but as a strategic marketing partner of the brand.”

alon shabo
phil alves
Founder / DevSquad

Phil Alves

“After running a few very successful pay-per-click campaign on the site, we decided to use the data we got to optimize our site for the best keywords organically. We hired Sean Markey to help us with this task. He gave us on page recommendations, and came up with a very creative link building plan. He was 100% transparent about how he was building links, and explained the reasons of every action he took. In a few months, we were ranking on page one for our most profitable “paid search” keywords, and we were able to drastically reduce our cost per acquisition once we didn’t need to pay for traffic anymore.”

sem, the newsletter

A weekly newsletter that highlights valuable, expiring domains with SEO authority and also the fleetingness of life and everything you have ever loved. 

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