Hey, I’m Sean Markey, Senior SEO Strategist

In my work at VisibleHQ and SupremacySEO, I’ve worked with many companies grow their businesses by increasing organic traffic through search visibility. From small businesses just starting to get a foothold in a niche, to eight-figure-plus venture backed companies, I have helped a diverse group of businesses
create content and outreach strategies, address technical SEO issues, and build links unique to their industry.

I love to research why a particular site is ranking at the top of the search engines for a particular keyword, and reverse engineering what it would take to match and exceed their efforts.

On this site you’ll find my case studies and research written up in in-depth posts (coming soon), but if you’d like to consult with me about your site and industry privately, I do offer consultations on SEO and content marketing strategy, optimizing existing content to rank better, and more.

Want to get in touch? Reach out to me here