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A paid newsletter that delivers the best and most valuable expiring domains at GoDaddy’s auction into your inbox every Tuesday morning.

What makes these names valuable?

These domain names have big backlink profiles and robust histories. Like this:

Some domains go for several thousand dollars.

Some sneak by under the radar.

All included in the newsletter are valuable!

Who Runs This Newsletter

Hi. Sean Markey here, though the URL of this site probably gave that away…

I’ve got just under a decade of SEO experience, have run two different agencies over the years, and in early 2019 struck out on my own to successfully grow, build, and sell affiliate sites.

I’ve also got an unhealthy a healthy obsession with domain names. For several years, now, I’ve looked through hundreds and hundreds expiring domains each week trying to find amazing brands and domains with a history. I’ve become pretty good at it, but I can’t buy every name I find…

I’ve built a few successful sites on the domains I’ve picked up at auction. So not only do I spend an impressive amount of time hunting down good domains, but I’m also in the thick of things, building sites from the acquired domains.

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