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Every week I look at thousands of domain names.

It’s an unhealthy obsession that my therapist will never understand–but it has helped me to acquire some really unbelievably good domain names.

Like every truly great internet marketer, I found myself wondering “how can I monetize this thing that I’m just doing for free like a sucker?” “how can I provide value to others doing something that I love?”

The answer: I’ll send out an email once per week of valuable expiring domain names currently at auction and ending soon.

You can use these domain to create microsites that help your main brand, to acquire domains with some authority to test various marketing ideas, or just a non-authoritative-but-killer new brand to build your next venture upon.

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Sean’s domain newsletter is one of the best in the game. Super timely and highly-curated, I look forward to it every week. My team and I go through his recommendations the minute we get it to see which ones make the most sense for us. If you’re not on this list, you’re missing out. – Tommy Griffith, Founder | ClickMinded

Very rarely (because I’m busy, don’t judge me) I’ll send a link to a newly published SEO post of mine. Don’t expect some “10 things every local business know about local SEO” shit post here. I write long, super in-depth posts that you’ll read the first few paragraphs of, save to Pocket, and then forget to read for six months until you wake in the middle of the night in a panic like what was that post about real world uses of 301 redirects I started to read from that guy with the beard and the nice hat??? You know the ones I mean.

If you want help finding the perfect domain name for your next project, or a domain with a rich history and specific topical backlinks, reach out to me here. This won’t be free, though. So don’t reach out if you’re poor, I guess.